Non-toxic social network
Last updated: July 19, 2021

Here's our favorite non-toxic social network: Mastodon.

Why: Today's giant social networks make money on surveillance, manipulation, and amplification of toxic content. If you're tired of the garbage on Twitter and Facebook, head over to Mastodon: a decentralized, non-corporate network of Twitter-like servers. Without the constant need to monetize "engagement," Mastodon provides a more civil, low-key platform for posting and networking. And it's free.

• Web:

(On Mastodon, follow Good Reports founder Mark Hurst:

     --> See also: Aral Balkan's thread on following PeerTube accounts on Mastodon.

Other options, a link-aggregator-style community, as described in this announcement post

Metafilter, a long-running link-aggregator community

MLTSHP, a volunteer-led community for sharing and commenting on images, an independent community of microbloggers (see this review by Alan Jacobs, who a few days earlier was on Techtonic - click "Pop-up player")

How (and Why) to Avoid Twitter (by James Milin-Ashmore on, Sept 2019) recommends Mastodon and, as we do above, as well as Movim, Aether, and Scuttlebutt.

Diaspora, a decentralized social network originally based on an NYU project (see Wikipedia entry), a corporate social network claiming to be privacy-focused. Be aware of a political angle: Inside MeWe, Where Anti-Vaxxers and Conspiracy Theorists Thrive (by EJ Dickson in Rolling Stone, May 2019) reports that "a large number of [MeWe] users skew toward the right-wing or even right-wing extremist end of the spectrum."