How to shop without Amazon
Last updated: August 1, 2022

There are plenty of alternatives to Amazon. Shop online at these stores - offering good service, fair prices, and authentic, high-quality, non-counterfeit products.

In alphabetical order:

Audio equipment: Sweetwater offers good service across a wide selection of products.

Books: see our entry for Best places to buy a book.

Cider: Greenpoint Cidery offers small-batch cider handmade in the Hudson River valley. Some product is shipped, literally, via sailboat to ports on the Hudson River.

Frisbees and discs: is an excellent online store for Frisbees, disc golf gear, and custom apparel.

Hammocks: Hennessy Hammock offers well-designed, lightweight hammocks and excellent customer service.

Outdoor gear and clothing: is a co-op offering high-quality gear and clothing at reasonable prices. Outdoor Vitals is another good option.

Photo and video equipment: B&H Photo, a longtime favorite in Manhattan, also offers a good online store.

Popcorn: Bjorn Qorn, organic popcorn made from solar power in upstate New York.

Rope: Knot & Rope sells a wide range of rope, cord, and twine. See also Pro-Knot, a set of waterproof cards with knot-tying illustrations.

Shoes: NPS Shoes, makers of Solovair and Gripfast footwear. All products have been handmade in England for 130 years.

Smartphones: see our entry for Best mobile device.

Snorkel gear: Snorkel Mart offers snorkel sets and fins without any mention of Amazon.

Tea: Tea Guys, a family-owned tea blender in a small New England farming community.

Wine: Frog’s Leap, in Napa, California, makes organic, dry-farmed wines with a community-oriented attitude.

Finally, remember that you can ask your local retailer (hardware store, bookstore, etc.) if they can special-order the product you want. That’s another way to keep your cash, and your personal data, out of the hands of Amazon.

Whatever you do, don’t buy from Amazon if there’s a perfectly good alternative.