How to shop without Amazon
Last updated: January 5, 2022

There are plenty of alternatives to Amazon. Shop online at these stores - offering authentic non-counterfeit products, fair prices, and good service.

In alphabetical order:

Audio equipment: Sweetwater offers good service across a wide selection of products.

Books: see our entry for Best places to buy a book.

Frisbees and discs: is an excellent online store for Frisbees, disc golf gear, and custom apparel.

Outdoor gear and clothing: is a co-op offering high-quality gear and clothing at reasonable prices.

Photo and video equipment: B&H Photo, a longtime favorite in Manhattan, also offers a good online store.

Popcorn: Bjorn Qorn, organic popcorn made from solar power in upstate New York.

Smartphones: see our entry for Best mobile device.

Wine: Frog's Leap, in Napa, California, makes organic, dry-farmed wines with a community-oriented attitude.

Whatever you do, don't buy from Amazon if there's a perfectly good alternative.