Best online game services
Last updated: June 17, 2021

Here's our favorite online game service: Lichess, a free open-source chess server. There are no ads, no surveillance, and no subscription fees, as everything is funded by user donations (just like Good Reports!). See also Why Lichess will always be free (April 22, 2021).

Other options

Board Game Arena: "a community-based website" offering a huge library of online board games, both turn-based and real-time.

Nethack: a free one-player adventure game, a classic "roguelike" - originally launched in the 1980s and updated by a volunteer dev team for over two decades. Requires some technical skill to set up.

Zork, the classic text adventure from Infocom, playable for free in the browser window at There are many text adventures available there.

Some individual games

Sokyokuban, a version of Sokoban (itself the subject of one level in Nethack, listed above) - the Japanese puzzle game of pushing tiles. This one uses a non-Euclidean hyperbolic plane.

Type Racer, in which you race other players to see who can type a snippet of text the fastest. (A fun one-player typing game is ZType.)