Best music platform
Last updated: April 7, 2021

We have two favorite music platforms: Bandcamp for buying music, and WFMU for streaming music.

Why Bandcamp: Musicians get a fair share of revenue for music they sell on Bandcamp. This is in contrast to Spotify's exploitative model. As Damon Krukowski wrote, "Spotify and Bandcamp could not be more opposite" (from, Aug 19, 2020). What's more, the occasional Bandcamp Friday devotes all of Bandcamp's revenue share to the artists.

Why WFMU: This is an independent non-commercial radio station based in Jersey City, New Jersey. The station offers four simultaneous streams, as listed on the home page: WFMU Live Stream, Rock 'n' Soul Radio, Give the Drummer Radio, and Sheena's Jungle Room. All four streams have no commercials, sponsorships, NPR breaks, or underwriting messages, and each offers an immense streaming archive, going back years, including dozens of programs.

Whatever you do, don't use Spotify.