Best email provider
Last updated: October 28, 2020

Here's our favorite email provider: Fastmail.

Why: Fastmail provides email without engaging in tracking or surveillance of your private communications. Remember - if you're not paying for the product, you ARE the product (or as Shoshana Zuboff puts it, your behavioral data is being harvested as the product).

Business model: Paid monthly subscriptions. Not surveillance.

Whatever you do, don't use Gmail for email.

• Web:

• iOS app: Fastmail

• Android app: Fastmail (though we suggest avoiding Android if possible)

Other options

Hey, launched in 2020 by the founders of Basecamp

ProtonMail, an encryption-focused email provider based in Switzerland

Tutanota, privacy-focused email provider based in Germany

• Even more options at,, and Privacy Tools


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