Best analytics platform
Last updated: May 1, 2021

Here's our favorite analytics platform: Plausible.

Why: This open source tool from an Estonia-based company does not plug into the surveillance capitalist adtech industry. Their code is free and open source under a GNU license.

Business model: Subscription fees. Plausible explains: "We don't make money by selling or sharing your data... This data is not being shared with or sold to any third-parties."

Whatever you do, don't use Google Analytics.

Other options

Matomo, a free open-source analytics platform fully compliant with GDPR. Originally named Piwik. (See also this comparison of Matomo with Plausible, by Steve Williams - he prefers Plausible.)

GoatCounter, an open-source analytics platform made by a single developer. Free for noncommercial use, and available for self-hosting.

Simple Analytics, a privacy-focused analytics platform. In this post, the team explains that it's possible to "get essential insights without stalking."